Carpet And Underlay Drying Sydney

Carpet And Underlay Drying In Sydney

We use the best equipment to help you with your Carpet and underlay Drying needs.

Having water damage can be very costly and overwhelming. Our technicians are highly qualified and will be at your place within a hour to dry your carpets and extract the excess water and to limit the damage that can occur . The good news it that your carpets can be saved 100% percent in most cases when treated right away within 24 hours of when the water damage incident has occurred.

These Are The Things We Look Out For
1) How long has the carpet been wet for?
2) What category of water is it?
– Clean eg: water from pipe
– Grey eg: washing machine
– Black eg: washing machine
3) Does the water smell like mould & is there mould Growth?
4)Water stains

Carpet And Underlay Drying Sydney

Process for Drying wet Carpets and underlay

Our team is friendly and reliable we are available for all emergency services 24/7 call us on 0405 554 247 for any enquiries you may have. we are fully insured.

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