Carpet Restretching Sydney

Carpet Restretching In Sydney

Spot On Carpet Services offers top-notch carpet restretching services to fix carpets in both home and office spaces. Our team of technicians specializes in handling carpets of styles, brands, and materials. They are experts, in providing professional carpet stretching services and carpet restretching solutions in Sydney. Our dedicated team of cleaners and technicians is well-trained to employ a range of cleaning methods and utilize high-quality tools and equipment tailored for each project.

That’s where we come in! With 20 years of experience in the industry, we are your trusted experts in carpet restretching in Sydney. Our skilled team is committed to bringing your carpets back to their pristine condition, ensuring a smooth and tight fit that not only looks great but also prolongs the life of your carpet.

Carpet Restretching Sydney
Carpet restretching Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide a service called carpet stretching. We usually will take the carpet up around the edges carrying out the carpet stretching by using a knee kicker carpet stretcher, or a carpet power stretcher, depending on what’s needed, and then re-fitting the carpet and trimming off the surplus carpet if required.
Carpet stretching is not something you can do on your own, you need the right tools and knowledge which we can provide!
Yes the procedure only works properly if the whole room is done.
Yes, you have to remove all your furniture because we have to lift up the wool carpet.
Yes, we can help you move all your furniture out of the room to prepare for the re-stretching or patching.
For best results remove all furniture and items from the room, it also helps if you vacuum ahead of time also.
We use special tools to re-stretch the carpet tight along all edges. Then we fit it to corners and walls, then glue it back down and trip along all edges.
The procedure takes an average of two hours, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on the job.
Not Always, but only when required. Sometimes after we stretch your carpet we will need to cut it along the edges to re-fit it. When the procedure is done your carpet looks brand new all over again!!
We charge depending on the size of the room that the carpet is in.
Carpet stretching can be down by 1 man even if the job is big.
No ! There is no waiting time. You can move furniture back and walk on it safely right after the job is done!
We can work with ANY type of carpet!
Yes, we can do ANY job no matter big or small. We have worked with many large commercial spaces and have years of experience stretching carpets.
No, you do not have to be home. As long as you communicate with us beforehand and we know exactly what area we are working on.
If you are planning on having your carpet re-stretched and cleaned you have to have the cleaning done AFTER your carpet is re-stretched (they will not be able to clean before) It is a great idea to have your carpet cleaned after you have it re-stretched and we urge people to take advantage of the fact that all their furniture is out of the room and the space is open and ready to go!

Why should you have your carpet restretched?

The most important reason is to prevent accidents and falls, due to a person tripping on the carpet bulge or ridge, resulting in injury, in the work place or home.

Save your time and money and get your carpet restretched or repaired! Get rid of the tripping safety hazards and unsightly wrinkled carpet.

The most important reason is to prevent accidents and falls, due to a person tripping on the carpet bulge or ridge, resulting in injury, in the workplace or at home.

Spot On Carpet Services believes you should not have to change your carpet before it’s time.

With over 20 years industry experience, Spot On Carpet Services specialises in carpet restretching and carpet repairs to all areas in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

You can save money by having your carpets restretched or repaired instead of having all of your carpets replaced.

Here are some of the services our carpet restretching and repairing team in Sydney can offer you:

Our Sydney carpet restretching and carpet repairs services are available for:

Our carpet restretching services are priced competitively. We even offer discounts for pensioners. When you choose Spot On Carpet Services to have your carpets restretched or repaired you can count on receiving service. A job that is done well.


You can contact us directly by phone at 0405 554 247 or fill out this quote form to email us. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

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Thanakrit Sing
Thanakrit Sing
Great professional service, good n fair pricing. Would recommend
Rijan KC
Rijan KC
Had a terrible accident with the dog on brand new carpet. Karl was excellent. Carpet looks good as new.
Ewa Patala
Ewa Patala
thank you for great service
Very helpful and professional. Lovely people to deal with. Turned up on time both times I’ve used them. Perfect job repairing carpet like nothing ever happened! Definitely recommend for all carpet care.
Rachel Fong
Rachel Fong
Quick, efficient, and affordable. Thank you again!
chantelle kitson
chantelle kitson
Thank you so much for your services. I called you with the expectation of needing to cut put a piece of carpet and replace it as quoted by another company however when you arrived you said you would try a stain remover product first as it's the cheaper alternative. Surprisingly it worked!!! You saved me money all while doing it with a smile on your face. Thank You so very Much for your honesty.
Malessa Khoury
Malessa Khoury
Thank you for a great and thorough job. Will definitely recommend you to family and friends 😊
Rhiannan Heaven
Rhiannan Heaven
Great price, speedy service. Knowledgeable and got the job done.