Storm And Flood Restoration

Storm And Flood Restoration Sydney

Thousands of home and business owners experience water damage each year. When disaster strikes it can be more damaging than meets the eye. Water damage and break down of carpeting– but, underneath water may begin to wear down the wooden structure that supports a house, if left unattended.

After being exposed to standing water for so long, the wood will inevitably succumb to the water and activate the process of breaking down. This progression is damaging to the entire structure, not just because of the water, but also because of the mould that will soon start to grow. Mould begins to grow within 48 hours. Mould is too often a reflection of water damage, and can be hazardous to your health and the stability of a building. Mould also begins to break down the wood fibres as the wood begins to rot. As long as there is moisture or water around, mould will begin to form. Adhering to these water issues before mould growth sets in is imperative!

The effects of water damage, whether it’s from a broken water pipe or a rain or flood disaster, is a situation that requires an immediate response and remediation. Water can cause a huge amount of damage to your home and your belongings, as well as your peace of mind. Let our flood damage team at Spot On Carpet Services help you get through this devastating time. Call us for an immediate response!

When we arrive, we will conduct a full assessment of the flood and damage. Some water damage may be unseen, but our professional team will work to uncover hidden damage. For your safety, our assessment will determine if there is any structural damage, as well as damage to furnishings and other personal belongings. This process will inform you and your insurance company of the extent of the water damage the home has experienced. This inspection will also determine what items and materials will need to be replaced and what can be restored. Sewage backups need particular attention to remove the unsanitary black water.

We carefully follow local health regulations and properly dispose of the sewage. We work with your insurance company to make this process as easy as possible on you and your family.

Once the area is dry and able to be remodelled, we work as quickly as possible to make the repairs so that you can again be living comfortably in your home or working productively in your place of business. Our goal is to complete a restoration fully and quickly. While some restoration and repair companies are not recognized for their full and prompt completion, it’s our goal to have every one of our clients give us only the highest marks.


storm and flood restoration Sydney

  • Drying the structure, carpet and furnishings
  •  Sewer clean up
  • Drying out crawl spaces
  • Repair drywall damage caused by water
  • Electrical
  • Mould removal
  • Anti-microbial treatments

When your home is victim to a flood, you are filled with sadness at the loss of many beloved items. We offer 24/7 flood restoration services to help your family resume their lives as quickly as possible.


We offer complete water extraction services as part of our restoration process. We use only the latest and most effective treatment to penetrate to the deepest layer of your carpet and under padding to remove every ounce of damaging liquid. This is imperative to eliminate the hazards of mould and other dangerous bacteria.


Once the water is completely extracted we apply an anti-microbial spray to prevent the growth of mould.


An anti-browning spray is also applied to help remove the possibility of browning and other discolorations common with water damage from flooding.


The anti-microbial and anti-browning sprays are then forced into the carpet to ensure they fully penetrate using a carpet buffing system. Once this is complete, the water and cleaners are then extracted and drying can take place.


Depending on how wet your carpet is we may also use blowers and dehumidifiers to help the carpet to dry more quickly.


A final cleaning and deodorizing is performed to sanitize and leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

As you can see we take every precaution to ensure your carpet is returned to its original state and avoid any possibility of later complications that can arise as a result of mould and bacteria. When you are faced with flood damage you can depend on Spot On CARPET Services to bring your home back to its original state as a welcoming and comforting.

When you choose Spot On Carpet Services you can rest assure you are in good hands

We are fully insured and certified.

We cover all of Sydney and Metropolitan areas. All products are safe and non-toxic.

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