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Water Damage Carpets Sydney

Water Damage Carpets Sydney

Is your carpet damaged due to flooding? Has a pipe burst, sewage backed up or your roof leaked during a storm?

No matter how the water-damage occurred, your carpet needs drying out – and fast. It’s crucial that you call the experts at Spot On Carpet Services ASAP so that your carpet can be saved!

Our fully-trained team is available 24/7, ready to come and professionally extract the water from your carpet and bring it back to life! We choose the top equipment and method to repair your carpet, taking into account the type of water involved and how much damage has occurred. Our water extraction service will have your carpet looking as good as new – as long as you call us straight away!

Why is it so important to call us quickly?

Well, within 24-48 hours of the water damage occurring, mould starts and mildew start to grow, and stains set it. This means it will be even trickier to repair your carpet – we might even need to remove it!

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Mould and mildew quickly start to smell, and pose a health hazard to you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s crucial that you call us here at Spot On Carpet Services. Our professional carpet water extraction stops the growth of these nasties by removing all traces of water and thoroughly cleaning and drying your carpet.

Repairing water damage to your carpet isn’t as easy as you may think. It requires expert knowledge and equipment to save your carpet, and we have both!

Our friendly team will take care of everything, from moving all the furniture and other items out of the affected room, to thoroughly extracting the moisture from each layer, and cleaning and deodorising your carpet.

Quick action is what’s needed when your carpet is flooded. So when you or someone in your household has left a tap running, your water system breaks down, or your washing machine overflows, you need to call the experts in carpet water damage – Carpets Sydney .

Phone us now on – call today 0414 686 194 for your free quote.

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