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Carpet Water Damage Repair Sydney

Carpet Water Damage Repair Sydney

Is your carpet damaged due to flooding? Has a pipe burst, sewage backed up or your roof leaked during a storm?

No matter how the water-damage occurred, your carpet needs drying out – and fast. It’s crucial that you call the experts at Spot On Carpet Services ASAP so that your carpet can be saved!

Disaster can strike at any time! Spot On Carpet Services is available in any part of Sydney and provides emergency solutions for carpet water damage repair sydney and emergency carpet drying, water extraction services, cleaning, mould control, and stain removal. When faced with water damage carpets must be treated within the first 24 hours to minimise risk of further damage and loss of your valuable carpets! We are prompt, safe and provide customised solutions for our customers.

Our fully-trained team is available 24/7, ready to come and professionally extract the water from your carpet and bring it back to life!We choose the top equipment and method to repair your carpet, taking into account the type of water involved and how much damage has occurred. Our water extraction service will have your carpet looking as good as new – as long as you call us straight away!

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Why is it so important to call us quickly?
Well, within 24-48 hours of the water damage occurring, mould starts and mildew start to grow, and stains set it. This means it will be even trickier to repair your carpet – we might even need to remove it!

Sometimes, you may decide not to keep the water damaged carpet, in which case we can remove it for you, before drying the underlying floors.

Carpets can be damaged from unexpected water events which can range from burst pipes and sewage leaks, to rain damage and flooding.

Whenever carpet is exposed to water, the water needs to be extracted as soon as possible and stains dealt with, before further damage can occur.

Spot On Carpet Services provides 24/7 365 days water damage services to assess damage, protect your beautiful carpet from further damage, remove water, clean, and dry your wet carpets. Our team of highly skilled professionals are trained to assess all risks to your valuable carpet and provide the best solutions for your emergency any where in Sydney. Call us on 0414 686 194

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