Carpet Repairs Normanhurst

Carpet Repairs Normanhurst

Carpets are a significant investment in any home but with age and time they can fray and become bubbly or worn out. Don’t stress! Spot On Carpet Services has you covered and will repair your carpets in No time whether there’s a burn on your carpet, a pet has scratched through the carpets or just need it repaired we specialise in carpet mending and patching leaving your carpets looking like they haven’t even been damaged in the first place.
Many of the enquiries we receive are due to pets who damage carpets, the good news is we can fix it too and have your carpets looking new and fresh again, in no time.
Our customers
also often ask us about fraying carpets that are lifting up and can cause hazards whether it’s at home or the office this is called carpet stretching.
We here at Spot On Carpet Services offer a range-wide of Carpet Repair Services in Normanhurst.

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Types of carpet repair

Where Can I find Spare Carpet?

Damaged Carpet cannot be repaired without spare carpet that is Identical to the damaged area. Carpets must be supplied by the customer. If our customers can’t find the exact same carpets, we normally can cut a piece of of the wardrobe and our technician can bring some spare off cuts to put back into the wardrobe.

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Carpet Repair Pet Damage
Carpet Repair Pet Damage

Repair Process

In many homes, damage is caused by pets who scratch the doorway as well as the carpet under it when they have been left alone in that room. Depending on how severe the damage is, the carpet will be stitched or patched

If the joints or seams have split, re-stretching, trimming or lifting and then placing strong bonding material just under the join can help fix the problem. However, if there is too much of wear in the carpet, we may have to use a patch to fix it

If the carpet near tile edges or doorways has come loose, it may have to be trimmed, re-stretched or lifted and the gripper rods may have to be re-adjusted. In some cases, we may place a cover-strip on the join

If there are visible signs of thread pulls, simple trimming may work. However, in most instances, they also have to be sealed to prevent any further fraying. In case the thread pulls have resulted in a split in the carpeting, a patch may have to be placed at that point

Method of Carpet Repair

Step 1 – Find a Piece of matching carpet to replace the damaged one.

Step 2 – Cut out and remove the damaged piece of carpet.

Step 3 – Mark the Direction.

Step 4 – Outline the damaged area.

Step 5 – Remove the damaged carpets.

Step 6 – Our qualified technician will use his tools to replace and mend the carpets.

Expert Carpet Repairs in Normanhurst

We don’t just glue patches into place; instead we use very technologically-advanced equipment that helps maximise bonding and only a very small patch is required to be used. When we handle carpet repairs in Normanhurst, you are assured of an exact fit, indiscernible repairs, a wrinkle-free carpet and perfect seams and joint positioning.

For more information about our expert services, call on 0414 686 194. You can also use this quick contact form to get in touch with us.