Water Damage Repair Sydney

Water Damage Repair Sydney

Water damage repairs are recommended at the first sign of a leak or flood to minimize damage. Without immediate repairs water can cause extensive damage to your home, its contents and structure. Here are a few tips on how to deal with carpet and ceiling water damage.

water damage repair sydney

Carpet Water Damage

When you first notice a damp or wet carpet, you should call a water damage repair company immediately. You should also remove any items on the carpet including light furniture.

In most cases our water damage repair service will include pulling up the carpet to dry the affected area. We usually recommend that the carpet be replaced. We will extract any standing water, and then begin the ventilation and drying processes. We use specially designed fans and dehumidifiers to shorten the drying time.

Call right away, as time is of the essence. Mould, fungus and bacteria can start to grow in as little as twelve hours.

With carpet water damage, you should:

  • Stop the water flow causing the damage if possible
  • Remove any books or other personal effects from the area
  • Remove any light furniture
  • Contact a reputable water damage repair company
  • Speak with your insurance company and take photos

If you have water damage on your carpet, tile or hardwood floors do not:

  • Use any electrical appliances
  • Walk on the carpet. Dirt from your shoes can leave behind bacteria that may cause mould.
  • Wait to address the situation. Mould is a serious health hazard and can form in less than 12 hours.

Ceiling Water Damage

A leak from an upstairs shower or bathtub can easily cause water damage to the ceiling. If you notice any spots or saggy areas on the ceiling, you should contact us right away. Even a slight discoloration may be a sign of water damage. You should never just paint over an area because hazardous mould and can grow beneath the paint.

Some of the possible causes of ceiling water damage include:

  • A leaky roof
  • A burst pipe or plumbing leak
  • High condensation from an air conditioning line
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When you call us our first step will be an inspection of the area to determine the cause of the damage. We may need to remove parts of the ceiling to make the necessary water damage repairs. If the ceiling is sagging place a pan under the leak to collect the water. Do not use your ceiling fan and remove any hanging pictures from your walls. Hopefully these tips will help you deal with the situation until we arrive to make the water damage repairs. For more water damage Sydney information or services, please contact us at 0414 686 194. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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