Keeping your furniture clean has many benefits. Cleaning and maintenance will make them look like new for years and increase the longevity of the material. It will also keep them hygienic. Clean and shiny furniture looks attractive and adds elegance to your overall home decor. However, maintaining your expensive couch requires a lot of efforts. Apart from getting it professionally cleaned by couch cleaning Sydney experts like us, you have to be careful about keeping it away from dust, dirt, and stains. Below are some helpful tips that the couch cleaning Sydney experts in our team suggest you to follow in order to extend the longevity of your furniture.

Check the manufacturer’s tag for instructions

This is the first and the most important tip that our experts suggest. Most people do not refer the manufacturer’s label before trying to clean their furniture and end up damaging their furniture. The manufacturers very clearly mention the basic instruction on their label so that you or the couch cleaning Sydney agency that you will hire would be able to accurately determine the type of cleaners that they should use. These instructions are mentioned in a coded format on the tags that are usually found on the sides of the furniture, under the seat cushion, or at any other rarely noticed places. The codes are usually:

W: can be cleaned with a water based solution
S: The fabric should be cleaned with water free cleaning agents
WS: can be cleaned with both water based and water free solutions
X: Should be cleaned by couch cleaning Sydney professionals.
If your couch is labeled as X, you must not try to clean it yourself. You can vacuum it and brush it but never try to clean. Such furniture is usually very expensive.

Nothing works better than vacuuming

Yes, absolutely. Regular vacuuming is the best way to maintain your couch. Use the attachment meant for vacuuming soft furnishings for a better result. It has an angle-tipped crevice tool that will reach the hard to reach areas and will make your couch dust and dirt free.

Use cleaning solutions carefully

Our couch cleaning Sydney experts strongly recommend you not to use just any cleaner that you found at the supermarket. The inexpensive cleaners are actually unsafe for your expensive couch. Further, as mentioned above, not all cleaners are safe for all forms of couches. You should therefore, not use any cleaner. Ask a professional couch cleaning Sydney agency for suggestions. Also, do not use cleaners unless they are required. Even the best quality cleaners will eventually damaged the material, if used frequently.

Spot clean the stains

Never let stains settle for long. Dried stains are very difficult to remove and are more likely to damage your couch. Spot treat the stains as much as possible. We at Spot On Carpet Services strongly suggest you keep tissue paper and soft cotton towels handy. The moment you notice a spill, remove the solids carefully with a blunt knife, and blot the liquid using cotton towels. Do not use soap and water solution or any other cleaner unless recommended by the manufacturer or an expert couch cleaning Sydney agency like us.

We hope these tips help you retain the shine of your expensive couch for long. We also recommend you to get your furniture professionally cleaned at least twice a year. For more such helpful information, keep reading our blog. To know more about our couch cleaning services, call us on 0414 686 194.

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