We all love to save money and why wouldn’t we? Everyone wants to minimize overheads and DIYing is one of the best ways to do this. Almost all of us get tempted to buy the DIY kits available at the supermarket and eagerly try them out. Many times they work but in many other instances, they don’t. The problem arises when they damage your object instead of fixing it.

In our earlier blog, our carpet cleaning Sydney experts discussed how to DIY cleaning can damage your carpet. In this blog, we would like to specifically highlight why you must not use the DIY products available in almost all supermarkets and retail stores.

There is no magic cleaner that can clean every stain that you can see in your house

That’s true. If a $20 cleaner can clean tough coffee stains, what would we carpet cleaning Sydney experts do! The glossy punch lines are used to attract you to grab a piece but be aware that they don’t do even a percentage of what they claim. They will not be able to remove even the slightest and almost invisible looking stain on your carpet. They are as good or as bad as plain water. Never ever buy them all in one cleaner, and if you do, be ready to pay a heavy price for it.

They can cause discoloration

You used them but they didn’t help. No problem; you can hire a carpet cleaning Sydney agency to remove the stains. But it may not be so easy. The all-in-one cleaners are usually made of harsh chemicals and can cause discoloration. The colour loss will be permanent and even experts like us would not be able to restore your carpet back. Many times, the colour loss is not visible immediately after use but will look very prominent once the cleaner has dried up. You may experience discoloration even if you use specific carpet cleaning solutions. We at Spot On Carpet Services, therefore, strongly recommend you not to try them out.

They can attract more dirt

Most of these DIY carpet cleaning solutions are made of detergent. Unless you rinse your carpet after using them (which you would rarely do), the solution will stay on it in a form of a sticky residue and will attract more dirt and dust to stick to it. With time, your carpet will start having dark patches on it. These patches are highly unhygienic and can become a breeding ground for disease causing pathogens. You will not be able to clean them up by yourself and will have to hire a carpet cleaning Sydney agency like us to clean your upholstery thoroughly. This can require additional expenses. Further, many a times, the cleaners cause permanent and irreversible damage.

To conclude, we would like to say that it is better to spend a few more dollars to hire professional carpet cleaners instead of experimenting with the store bought products. To know more about how to care for your carpet and prolong its life, read our other blog posts. For more information on our carpet cleaning Sydney services, call us on 0414 686 194.

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