Have you accidentally spilled red wine on your expensive rug and wondered what to do?

‘Try some baking soda’.
‘Use a cider and vinegar solution.’
‘Use stain cleaning products’.

No, please don’t listen to all these advices that you will suddenly start receiving from all your guests as soon as they see the red wine on your carpet. They may work but are you sure about taking the risk? Are you confident that they will not damage your rug in any way?

We at Spot On Carpet Services, a highly experienced rug cleaning Sydney agency, are well aware of these household products that people use every now and then for cleaning the spillages. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but we have never tried them personally and therefore, do not recommend them at all. We believe that your rug is one of the most expensive investments that you do for your home and instead of trying these risky suggestions it is better to spend some dollars for hiring an expert rug cleaning Sydney agencies like us.

Depending on the extent of spillage, here is what you may safely try at home.

Don’t panic. Seeing the glass of red wine lying on your expensive carpet may make you feel nervous. If you react in the wrong way, you may intensify the damage. Most people immediately grab a bunch of towels and start rubbing the wet area vigorously to prevent it from getting stained. This is an absolutely wrong action. Rubbing may damage the fibers of the carpet and can even spread the stain. Just cover the area with some paper towels and press them gently to let them soak up as much liquid as they can.

Another wrong reaction that most rug cleaning Sydney agencies have noticed is the abrupt use of cleaners. Most people try just any cleaner than they find handy. If it doesn’t work, they try another cleaner, and then the next one. They, however, fail to realize that this abrupt use of cleaning substances will intensify the stain and may even cause discoloration.

Once you have soaked up most of the liquid using paper towels or a clean cloth, pour a few drops of water on the spilled area and blot again. Repeat a few times until you feel you have rinsed the portion well.
Lay a few layers of paper towels or terry cloth towels on the stained area, cover it with a plastic sheet, and weight the area down with something heavy such as a stack of book or a heavy (but not very heavy) object. This way, you will be able to remove the water that the padding underneath the fabric of your carpet is holding. Make sure you cover the paper towels with plastic so that the book cover doesn’t stain the wet area.

Let the area be weighed down for at least 10-12 hours. You may change the paper towels in between.
Remove the stack of books and let the area dry naturally. If the stain is still visible, call us.
We are one of the most experienced rug cleaning Sydney restoration agencies in the entire Sydney region. Our highly experienced team will be able to remove almost all forms of stains successfully. Call us on 0414 686 194 for a free quote.

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